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Referring Young People to Platform

If you would like to refer a young person into our service then please follow the steps below.

Appropriately Assessing Young People for Drug and Alcohol Use
Initial Assessment is an initial evaluation of the need of a child/young person that considers the nature of their substance use, the extent and impact of any possible substance misuse. This is an intervention that needs to be completed with the young person.

The Initial Assessment uses a traffic light system that indicates what level of support the young person needs.

Any substances highlighted within the RED grid indicate that you need to provide the young person with information, immediately complete the referral process and send it in to Platform.

Any substances highlighted within the AMBER grid indicate that you need to give a brief intervention to the young person and give them targeted drugs education in relation to the substance highlighted. Support for professionals in delivering brief interventions to young people is given through our two part training package.

Any substances highlighted in the GREEN grid indicate that you need to provide the young person with appropriate information in relation to the substance highlighted.

Whilst completing a Platform Referral for a young person, other issues or concerns may arise which are not "substance" related, and additional support may be required from another agency/service. If further support is required, Platform would recommend you complete a Pre-Assessment Checklist to identify the families needs and to ascertain whether a full CAF assessment is needed.

There are three different age specific Initial Assessment forms to choose from, Under 14 and 15+. Please choose the appropriate form for the young personís referral.

Download forms here:

14 and under
15 and over

If you have any concerns/questions or for more information regarding the Platform training, please contact the team on 0113 397 1300.

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