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"In loving memory", The Edge family fundraises for Platform Leeds hoping to help other young people affected by drug & alcohol misuse
Two "legal high" chemical compounds marketed as Benzo Fury and NBOMe are to be temporarily banned for up to 12 months, Home Office ministers have announced.

David John Edge died aged 22 of a drugs overdose earlier this year, loving brother and son David’s family have already helped raised over, £5,000 for DISC's Platform Young People’s drug and alcohol support service in Leeds.

Now both David's mum a teacher in Leeds and sister Vivienne are going to volunteer at Platform to help educate local young people about the dangers and risks involved in drug and alcohol misuse. Viv is planning a photography course to start in October for service users with a theme of the impact of drugs and alcohol on individuals and communities. The money raised so far has already benefitted young people at Platform as it has helped to fund this summer’s equine therapy programme; Stable Change, an equestrian project that promotes recovery and wellbeing through horses.

"We designed an equine therapy programme that uses horses to assist learning in young substance users. We have 6 young people enrolled on the course this year and they will spend four weeks learning how to ride and care for horses. The course is run by a BHS approved riding school and on completion of the course, if they pass they will receive a certificate for passing the progressive riding test." said support worker Faye. "We're really pleased to be able to continue to offer this programme for our young people with the support of the Edge family and we are all really looking forward to seeing the results"

Through learning to care for and learning to ride horses we aim to enable young people to learn skills that will help them to be able to reduce /stop your substance use.

The program will help:

By learning these skills, we hope that young people will be more likely to reduce, control and stop their substance use by:

“We are really looking forward to working with the family over the coming years to help in the early intervention and prevention agenda within Platform” said project manager Phil Edwards.

Platform works in partnership with BARCA and the PCT, delivering a specialist drugs and alcohol service, engaging communities, criminal justice and physical and mental health support for young people and their families in Leeds. It aims to empower young people to make informed choices about their lifestyle. The team support over 300 young people a year, and on average have a planned discharge rate of over 90%.

At a recent Ofsted visit, inspectors spent time with the staff and commented on the “passion, motivation and pooling of specialist skills in being key to sharp accurate assessments of young peoples needs”. Good practice was also identified in the staffs skills to gauge and review young peoples needs throughout treatment, responding appropriately and timely.

Two new 'legal highs' to be banned for 12 months
Two "legal high" chemical compounds marketed as Benzo Fury and NBOMe are to be temporarily banned for up to 12 months, Home Office ministers have announced.

A link to this article can be found here:

First 'legal high' to be banned under new powers
A new temporary control power will be used for the first time to ban so-called legal high 'mexxy', the Home Office announced today.

The drug, which is sold and advertised as a safe alternative to the Class C drug ketamine, will be made illegal for up to 12 months while the ACMD decide whether it should be permanently controlled.
Link to Home Office Article

Drug misuse in Leeds: Providing a Platform for beating the habit
Published on Tuesday 20 March 2012 11:31

Services for young people who have drug and alcohol problems in Leeds are setting a trailblazing example to the rest of the country.

The Yorkshire Evening Post can reveal that Platform, the young people’s drug service, is set to become the first organisation of its kind to be recognised by Ofsted – the education watchdog – as an example of good practice.

Senior manager Phil Edwards said the accolade was recognition of the way specialists in the city were working together.

He said: “In other areas of the country funding goes to different organisations so there’s confusion about who young people should go to for what support.

“In April 2010 Leeds City Council pooled the funding from the National Treatment Agency, the youth offending team and local authority grants and put it all into one so that we’re just one big service. It’s much easier for professionals to know who to go to and for young people to identify a brand.”

Platform works confidentially with young people aged ten to 18. Anyone referred to the service is assessed by a key worker who looks at what they are currently using and the impact of that on their life – from housing to school attendance and crime.

They are given an individual care plan which might include ways of reducing their use, prescribing services and whether or not their parents should be involved.

Mr Edwards, who is one of 24 staff at Platform, said young people’s drug habits were changing.

“We have seen a decrease in heroin use. MCat and party drug use is on the increase,” he said.

“We have seen an increase in referrals, but that doesn’t necessarily mean more young people using drugs – it may just be an indication that services are more accessible to young people.”

He added: “We are a confidential service, and we’re always willing to go out and see a young person – they don’t have to come to us – or we’ll talk over the phone or by e-mail

“Don’t be hesitant, don’t feel guilty or ashamed. We’re here to help.”

Call 0113 397 1300

Volunteer Parent and Carer Support - Young People's Drug & Alcohol Service - Leeds
Closing Date: 29 Feb 2012 - 12 Noon Ref: 12/cypf/vol02

DISC’s Young People’s Drug & Alcohol Services provide a number of specialist interventions to enable people to access, maintain and complete treatment programmes. We offer a multi disciplinary approach to working with young people, providing a range of interventions from prescribing and healthcare, outreach and family support work to information, advice and peer education.

For more information and an application form please visit: mydiscjobs

Platform Leeds Open Day – 20 York Place, Leeds, LS1 2EX, Thursday 9th, 10am-3pm, June 2011
Come and visit our new office, meet the team, learn more about what we can offer and find out how we can best work together.

Pick up some new marketing materials and a few freebies, and stay for a cup of tea and a cake! RSVP to or call 0113 397 1300.

Drug Warning
Overdoses of illicit Benzodiazepine – Berwick area - Thursday 9th February 2010

Addictions Service - Northumberland has reported that it has come to their attention that there have been three overdoses of illicit Benzodiazepine in one week (week of 30 Aug 2010). The 3 were in Berwick, all had hospital admissions for a short period of time - a couple of hours to an overnight stay.

There have been reports of Diazepam having ‘strange’ effects on people in Ashington and Berwick, we can not be sure of what is in the Diazepam or that it is very strong.

Drug Warning
Mephedrone - What is Mephedrone (4-methylmethcathinone), 4MMC?

Mephedrone is a stimulant drug similar to ecstasy or speed. Capsules or tablets can be swallowed, while powder can be snorted. It is sold as plant food in some shops or on the internet, usually clearly marked ‘NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION’.

Are there any negative effects? Mephedrone can damage skin exposed to the substance in the nose, leading to inflammation, pain and nosebleeds, Common side-effects include:

The comedown is miserable – feeling tired and drained but not able to sleep. These feelings can last well into the next day. There have been several deaths reported in the media, where Mephedrone has been implicated. So far, the actual cause of death has not been determined.

Drug Warning
Anthrax Is Killing Heroin Users, Early Treatment Can Save Your Life
Anthrax is a bug that has got into batches of heroin in Scotland and England.
Anthrax is causing life-threatening infections. You can get anthrax if you inject, smoke or inhale your heroin. Typical signs of anthrax can include:-
If you think you have anthrax, immediately go to your nearest hospital emergency department and tell them. To get advice or to get help to treat drug addiction in Stockton contact the 24/7 treatment helpline on 0800 0522 050.

Drug Warning
Anthrax Infections - Friday 11th February 2010
A clinically diagnosed case of wound botulism from the tees Valley area has been reported to the Health Protection Agency North East. Although there have been no other reports of such illness, increased vigilance should be taken at this time. Wound botulism in injecting drug users is now the most common presentation of botulism seen in the UK today.

I would be grateful if you could make your service users aware of this possibility. In light of the recent cases of anthrax also in injecting drug users, much of the advice is the same:
Seek medical help urgently if you experience any unexpected side effects. If you have any more information on this heroin, please contact the DAAT.

Drug Warning
Anthrax Infections - Friday 8th January 2010
Further to the alert issued on 17 December, the Department of Health has been alerted that there is now a total of 12 confirmed cases of anthrax in heroin injecting drug users (IDUs) and cases have extended beyond the Greater Glasgow and Clyde area to the Tayside, Lanarkshire and Forth Valley areas of Scotland. Six of these patients have sadly died.

Investigations are continuing into the cause of these cases and into any heroin supply routes that may be affected.

While cases remain confined to Scotland you should be alert to the possibility of anthrax infection in injecting drug users presenting with severe soft tissue infections or sepsis. For IDU patients who present at their GP or A&E with these symptoms, please contact your local microbiologist for advice on management and investigation. Other services dealing with drug misusers should refer any IDUs with the above symptoms to an A&E department or to a GP for urgent assessment and management.

As there is also a potential theoretical risk of inhalation anthrax developing in heroin users who smoke or inhale anthrax-contaminated heroin, any such patients presenting with some or all of its typical features (febrile illness, sepsis and/or respiratory problems) should be dealt with in the same way.

Please notify any cases of severe soft tissue infection or sepsis in an IDU patient, who has died or has been sufficiently unwell to require admission to hospital, to your local Health Protection Unit.

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) website has produced algorithms for the clinical evaluation and management of injecting drug users with possible anthrax infections and has provided advice for drug users at risk which can be found here

Resolve Newsletter is Now Available To Download
(see below)
Resolve Newsletter [948kb]

Drug Warning
Leagal Highs - Monday 12th November 2009
There has been an increase in the use of legal’s highs across tees Valley. We have recently received information on a substance called Cathinone. Cathinone is a naturally occurring stimulant found in the khat plant and cathinones are a group of drugs related to amphetamine compounds like ecstasy. Cathinone derivatives are currently being sold online and in headshops as ‘legal highs’. please see link below for more information on legal highs, or please contact us if you have any concerns visit Talk to Frank

Drug Warning
Bubble/Kat - Monday 16th November 2009
A number of clients in Stockton have reported that “Bubble” or “Kat” is available in the Stockton area, and similar reports have been received across tees. Service users have advised that this has the same effects as other stimulant drugs like MDMA, with many harmful side effects.

It is actually ‘Mephedrone’: a synthetic compound related to cathinone which is contained in the Khat plant. It is being used as a substitute for Cocaine.

It is not a controlled drug, but it is a Medicine. As such, “Bubble” is sold on the Internet or from Headshops as a ‘plant feeder’ or ‘bath salts’ (hence this nickname), as it would be illegal to sell for ‘human consumption’ under The Medicines Act 1968.

Other known names for this substance (though not local) are ‘Monkey Dust’ and ‘Meow Powder’. Please can consideration be given to sharing any reports or additional information in order to monitor the harm caused by this substance (and any other ‘new’ substance coming to notice).

Drug Warning
Phenazepam (D10) - Thursday 29th October 2009
There have been reports that this drug may be being used in the area.  It is blue tablets marked D10.  It is about 10 times stronger than diazepam and people have had serious reactions for several days after using it.  Side effects include:

Drug Warning
Cocaine has been cut with an anti cancer drug - Thursday 29th October 2009
Reports state that Cocaine in the Darlington area has been cut with an anti cancer drug which has lead to fatalities.

The anti cancer drug reduces the number of white blood cells the body can produce leading to health bodies not able to function and has lead to death.
It is also believed that the cocaine has also been cut with a worming agent- effects not stated.

Drug Warning
Bubble Love (Legal High) - Thursday 29th October 2009
Effects- Instant Hit causing prolonged periods of hallucination, deliria and paranoia.

Method of use - snorted (can cause burning feeling and nose bleeds).

It is believed this substance is a plant food, but has caused a number of violent attacks and hospital treatment.

Drug Warning
Friday 7th October 2009 - Prudhoe (Northumberland)
Cocaine cut with Levamisole (worming agent, cancer drug & antibiotic).

Cocaine obtained from the Prudhoe area of Northumberland has been found to contain Levamisole through toxicological screening of a sample.

When Levamisole is cut with Cocaine it damages the immune system and causes potentially fatal haematological (blood) disorders in users, such as neutropenia & agranulocytosis which is a loss of a type of white cell found in the blood which prevents the body from fighting infection. There have been a number of cases in Canada and America that have been fatal, including a DJ that was well known, DJ AM.

Levamisole has been detected in cocaine seizures at borders since 2005 with a sharp increase in 2008. The powder form of Levamisole has the same colour and consistency as cocaine hydrochloride.

If you have any further information you may wish to give to the police, please contact – 01642 326 326

Drug Warning
Friday 25th September 2009 - Middlesbrough
There has been a reported case of a service user being hospitalised for three days after injecting heroin that had been cut with some form of corrosive acid.

This heroin was bought in Middlesbrough but we have good reason to believe that it is currently being sold on the streets of Newcastle.

Seek medical help urgently if you experience any unexpected side effects.

If you have any further information regarding this item, please contact the Safer Hartlepool Partnership on 01429 523 852.

If you have any further information you may wish to give to the police, please contact – 01642 326 326.

Multi Media Project in Middlesbrough
We're developing a project - led by young people - to provide some exciting opportunities for young people aged 11 - 18 to get involved in media & communication like:

The project is all about letting young people shine and giving you the chance to have your say about your area and things that are important to you, in ways that you find interesting and appealing. At the moment, the project is an idea that is subject to funding.

We need to hear your views on what you think of the project and if it’s the type of thing you would like to get involved in, to support our funding application.
The good news is, the questionnaire is very short, with only 6 questions it should only take a few minutes of your time to complete. To help us formulate a quick response we'd be grateful if you could complete the survey by Monday 2 November 2009. For the survey click here.

Drug Warning
Diazepam in Newcastle – 14th May 2009
A regular client was in this morning alerting us to some diazepam from Vietnam that are extremely strong. They look exactly the same as standard blue 10 mg. He said there were vast quantities in Newcastle, going for £1 each. He usually uses around 30 blues daily but is still experiencing the effects today after taking three of these yesterday.

Dangerous Heroin – 27th April 2009
There is heroin going around in Darlington/Stockton which is light brown - ginger/ sand colour. When it is injected, the effects start straightway, resulting in severe back pain and swelling in the injection site.

These effects can last until the Heroin wear off, leading to clients needing to seek emergency medical treatment.

Have Your Say... 26th March, 7-9pm
Join us at Middlesbrough Football Club (Riverside Stadium)
The Government have come up with some new ideas and guidance for Young People. This is YOUR chance to have YOUR say on the issue.

Come and join us at Middlesbrough Football Club (Riverside Stadium) on Thursday 26th March 2009 at 7pm-9pm.

Free food & entry to a Prize Draw Provided.

Please Contact Abi on 01643 230 555 for more info.

Drug Warning
Gamma-Butyrolactone – GBL - 17th February 2009
There has been a reported case of three individuals in Sunderland using Gamma-Butyrolactone (GBL) over the past few weeks who had to be taken to hospital following life threatening side effects.

GBL is an oily liquid found in alloy wheel cleaner, paint strippers and stain removers. It is believed that this drug is being used by others in Sunderland and some of the potential side effects include;
Ecstasy - Thorntree Area - 3rd December 2008
A service user from the Thorntree area has experienced some bad side affects from some ecstasy tablets. The tablets have a picture of a diamond on them and the service user and his friends said that they were all violently sick after taking them.

Red Heroin - 27th November 2008
10-12 days ago a worker from Swindo n began to notice people in custody reporting unusual symptoms. They reported blackouts and no memory of occasionally violent and often high risk behaviour.

Following a seizure of drugs by the police, a sample of this 'heroin' was tested and it was identified as Aprazolam with some caffeine in it, the sample contained no heroin at all. This is a benzodiazepine and has the appearance of foundation make up. When 'cooked' it appears almost black, some reports say dark green, some dark red.

This drug, if injected, presents a significant risk of death.

We understand this batch came from a London source.

Information from Addictions Service - Northumberland (Harm Reduction) - 23rd October 2008

2 clients of the Harm Reduction service have allegedly had the following symptoms whilst taking ‘Wiltshire Blues’: If anyone experiences the same symptoms from taking this drug, they are advised to seek medical advice.
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