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Anabolic Steroids

Other names: Roids, Iron, Brew, Rods

Steroids can be bought as tablets which are swallowed or as a liquid which is injected (THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS AND RISKY!). Steroids are popular with body builders and other sports people because they can help to build muscle. Steroids can make people aggressive, have mood swings, depression and trouble sleeping. Some people may find that they start getting paranoid and confused.

Risks and Dangers
If people use Anabolic Steroids regularly they can get really depressed and miserable when they don't take them.

If a young person uses Anabolic Steroids it can stop their body from growing and developing properly.

Males can get erection problems, grow breasts, hair falls out, become sterile (can't have babies), develop really bad spots/acne and testicles could shrink.

Females can develop deeper voices, facial and body hair and flat chests.

Once Anabolic Steroids change your body you cannot change it back.

People who use them often get mood swings, paranoia or confusion and long term depression, increase risks of liver failure, stroke, heart attack and high blood pressure - not so great after all!

Remember if Steroids are injected you should NEVER share needles or equipment as you are at risk of HIV and Hepatitis.

The Law
Anabolic steroids are a Class C drug (see the law page) sold only by a pharmacists with a doctors prescription.

It is ok to have steroids if they are prescribed for you only by a doctor. If you have them illegally or give or sell them to your friends this could lead to a prison sentence and/or a heavy fine.

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