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Other names: Aerosols, Gases, Glues, Nail Varnish, Thinners.

Solvents are downers (depressants) and when they are inhaled they have a similar effect as alcohol. Solvents are normally found in the home, they are glues, aerosols, deodorants, nail varnish and lighter fluid. They can make you feel relaxed, happy and dizzy. Solvents are usually sniffed from a cloth, sleeve or plastic bag or sprayed directly into your mouth (this is the most dangerous way of taking them as it can kill you instantly).

Risks and Dangers
Solvent abuse can make people sick and pass out. It can cause your throat to swell and make it difficult to breathe and slow down your heart. There is a big risk of fatal heart problems which have been known to kill people the first time they have abused solvents. Of all drug related deaths, solvent abuse is the biggest killer of young people under the age of 18! The effects of solvents don't last very long so some people use more and more and this is really dangerous.

The Law
Solvent abuse is not illegal, however it is illegal in England and Wales for shopkeepers to sell you solvents if they think you are going to misuse them.

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