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Magic Mushrooms
Magic Mushrooms
Other names: Mushies, Magics, Fly, Liberty Caps, Shrooms.

Magic Mushrooms are an hallucinogenic drug (they make you trippy and you see things that aren't really there).

Magic mushrooms grow in the wild in the UK and there are two main types. The most common is the Liberty Cap and the other type is Fly Agaric. They are usually eaten, boiled or drunk and they cause a mild hallucinogenic effect. The more mushrooms you take the stronger the effect.

Risks and Dangers
Magic Mushrooms can make you feel giggly and confident but larger doses can cause disorientation, confusion and paranoia and bad trips can be really frightening.Many people have serious injuries when they have taken Magic Mushrooms because they don't know what they are doing and they are not always in control.

Using magic mushrooms can complicate any mental health problems that you may already have.

It is really difficult to know whether the mushrooms you are picking or taking are Magic ones. There are lots of other poisonous mushrooms that look the same but can make you really ill and sometimes even kill you.

The Law
Magic Mushrooms are a Class A illegal drug (see The Law page).

If you are caught with mushrooms on you or picking them then you will be arrested and you can get up to 7 years in prison and/or a fine. If you are caught giving them to friends or selling them then you could be sent to prison for life.

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