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Other names: Meth, Mixture, Linctus.

Methadone is a downer (depressant) and has similar effects as Heroin. Methadone is usually a green, sickly sweet liquid. It is used to help people come off Heroin and is prescribed by a Doctor. Methadone does not give you a 'buzz' or 'high' like heroin but it stops people from having withdrawal symptoms and feeling ill if they do not have their heroin. Methadone can give you a feeling of warmth and relaxation. The pupils of your eyes will shrink and you may become constipated.

Risks and Dangers
Some people can get addicted to Methadone and have withdrawal illness if they stop taking it, but its better than taking heroin.

It is VERY important if you are prescribed (given it by a Doctor) Methadone then you must stick to the recommended dosage, if you take too much it can make it difficult to breath or you may end up passing out.

It is VERY dangerous to mix Methadone with any other drug, especially Alcohol or Heroin as this can cause you to overdose.

The Law
Methadone is a Class A illegal drug (see The Law page)

If you are caught with Methadone on you then you will be arrested and you can get up to 7 years in prison. If you are caught giving it to friends or selling it then you could be sent to prison for life and/or be fined.

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