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Mephedrone is a stimulate drug similar to ecstasy and speed. In Redcar and Cleveland it is sold mainly as a powder which can be snorted, it also comes in capsules and tablets which can be swallowed. In order to get around drugs laws it was originally sold as a plant food. MEPHEDRONE WAS NEVER INTENDED TO BE USED AS A PLANT FOOD. Users report feeling a definite high, its main effects include feeling alert, excited, happy, confident and chatty. Increasingly Mephedrone is being ’cut’ with other drugs which means users can not guarantee what they are taking and the effect it will have on them.

Risks and Dangers
The long term effects of using Mephedrone are unknown.

Young people around Redcar and Cleveland who have used Mephedrone report that snorting the drug easily results in nose damage. Symptoms include a painful nose, the nose feeling swollen and nose bleeds. A loss of appetite is regularly reported resulting in rapid weight loss. Panic attacks, fitting, speech being affected and poor concentration are also common side effects.

CREST has worked with young people who feel they have become addicted to Mephedrone. This apparent addiction results in family break down, offending behaviour and a rapid reduction in mental and physical health.

Using Mephedrone often results in a miserable come down, users report feeling very tired, drained, depressed and unable to sleep, they also find they have spent all their money!

The Law
Under the misuse of drugs act 1971 Mephedrone is now classified as a class B drug.

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