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Crystal Meth
Crystal Meth
Other Names: Ice

Crystal Meth is an upper (stimulant) and comes in lots of different forms. It can be a tablet, white powder or small crystals/rocks. It is usually swallowed or snorted (sniffed up your nose) but it can be smoked or injected (THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS AND RISKY!).

Crystal Meth is extremely powerful and addictive. It can make people feel happy and very sexy and can cause hallucinations and paranoia for several days after you have taken it.

Risks and Dangers
Crystal Meth makes your heart beat faster than normal. Some people who use Crystal Meth can become psychotic (lose your mind). It can make people paranoid, confused and violent. If you overdose on Crystal Meth your lungs and kidneys can become damaged, you can fall into a coma and in really bad cases you can die.

Remember if Crystal Meth is injected you should NEVER share needles or equipment as you are at risk of HIV and Hepatitis.

The Law
Crystal Meth is a Class A illegal drug (see The Law page).

If you are caught with Crystal Meth on you then you will be arrested and you can get up to 7 years in prison. If you are caught giving it to friends or selling it then you get sent to prison for life and/or be fined.

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