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Other names: Rock, base and freebase.

Crack comes from cocaine and is an upper (stimulant). It looks like small white crystals or rocks. It is usually smoked through a pipe or a crack can. Sometimes it can be mixed and prepared for injecting (THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS AND RISKY!).

The effects are very strong but don't last long. Crack can make you feel happy, confident and wide-awake. It stops you from feeling tired, hungry or in pain (for a very short time).

Crack can cause hallucinations, mood swings and paranoia. The comedown can make people feel tired, depressed and have a strong craving for more. Crack is VERY addictive.

Risks and Dangers
Regularly smoking Crack can cause breathing problems, pains in the chest and damage to the lungs.

People who smoke Crack can become aggressive and sometimes violent.

Regular use can cause difficulty sleeping and make you feel sick. Crack can cause anxiety, paranoia and fits which can cause serious damage.

Trying to stop using Crack is very difficult because it is very addictive.

Remember if Crack is injected you should NEVER share needles or equipment as you are at risk of HIV and Hepatitis.

The Law
Crack is a Class A illegal drug (see The Law page). If you are caught with crack on you then you will be arrested and you can get up to 7 years in prison and/or a fine. If you are caught giving it to friends or selling it then you could get sent to prison for up to 14 years.

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