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Other Names: Charlie, Coke, Snow, White, Rich Mans Drug or sniff

Cocaine is an upper (stimulant) and is a white powder usually sold in grams. It is usually snorted (sniffed up your nose) but it can also be rubbed into your gums. It can also be injected, THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS AND RISKY!

The effects are quite powerful but don't last very long. This means that people might want to take more and more of it, which can be very dangerous.

Cocaine can be mentally very addictive and people will crave it if they don't have any.

When people take Cocaine they usually feel wide-awake and confident. Their body temperature rises making them get very hot. Cocaine also makes your heart beat faster than normal.

Risks and Dangers
Cocaine can cause lots of different problems including fits, heart failure and breathing difficulties which are very dangerous and can lead to death.

Cocaine can make people feel over confident which can make them take careless risks.

If you use cocaine regularly it can cause depression, panic attacks, damage to the nose, uptee stomachs, stomach ulcers and mood swings.

Remember if Cocaine is injected you should NEVER share needles or equipment as you are at risk of HIV and Hepatitis.

The Law
Cocaine is a Class A illegal drug (see The Law page).

If you are caught with cocaine on you then you will be arrested and you can get up to 7 years in prison and/or a fine. If you are caught giving it to friends or selling it then you get be sent to prison for up to 14 years.

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