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Other names: Spliff, Tac, Joint, Ganja, Draw, Bucket, Boosh, Skunk, Pot, Grass, Weed, Resin, Smoke.

Cannabis is a downer but it can also make you see things (depressant and mild hallucinogenic drug). It is usually smoked in a joint (hand rolled cigarette) or can be smoked through a pipe or a Bong (Bucket) and some people eat it.

Cannabis can affect people in many different ways, some people feel very happy, chilled, confident, tired, lazy and hungry. Using Cannabis can effect co-ordination, concentration (you forget what you are talking about or forget what you are doing) and can cause short-term memory loss (so it's not good if you are revising for exams or driving). Cannabis users can get anxious, panicky and can suffer depression and psychosis (feeling angry all the time).

Risks and Dangers
Regular use can lead to changes in your mental health and may cause problems later on in your life. Cannabis is believed to cause paranoia (you think people are out to get you) this can cause accidents and change your behaviour.

Regular use can lead to lung damage and heart disease, the same as with smoking, and this is even worse if you smoke Cannabis joints.

Some people think that smoking Cannabis is healthier than smoking fags (this is not true). Cannabis smoke is thicker and if you don't use a filter it can be more dangerous and harmful to your lungs.

Using cannabis can also cause a lack of motivation (you can't be bothered to do anything). This can affect work, school, social and family life.

The Law
Cannabis is a Class B illegal drug (see The Law page).

If you are caught with a small amount of cannabis you can be arrested. What usually happens is the Police will take it and if you are under 18 your parent or carer will be contacted, however if you are smoking it in a public place or you have been caught with it before you will be arrested.

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