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Other names: Speed, Whizz, Fet, Billy

Amphetamine is an upper (stimulant) and is usually a pink, white or yellow powder sold in grams. It sometimes comes as a tablet or a clear liquid. It is usually swallowed (bombed) or sniffed. Sometimes it can be mixed and prepared for injection(THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS AND RISKY!).

It can keep people awake for hours and hours which can be REALLY annoying. It can also stop people from feeling hungry (which is not healthy and not a good way to try and lose weight!!). Users can become very "on edge" and fidgety and talk more. Amphetamine can be strongly addictive.

Risks and Dangers
Two of the main risks are overdose and heart failure (it puts strain on the heart by forcing it to beat faster). If you use amphetamines regularly it can cause anxiety, depression, irritability and aggression. It can also cause mental illness problems such as psychosis (seeing things, hearing things that aren't there) and paranoid feelings, thinking that everyone hates you, that they are all talking about you, and sometimes you might believe people are trying to hurt you.

The comedown (after effects) can be long and slow and can cause people to feel very tired and depressed. This can last for a number of days.

Remember if Amphetamines are injected you should NEVER share needles or equipment as you are at risk of HIV and Hepatitis.

Amphetamines are a Class B illegal drug (see The Law page), if prepared for injection it becomes a Class A drug which means tougher sentencing if you are caught.

It is illegal to have, give away (even to friends) or sell amphetamines. If you are caught with amphetamines on you then you will be arrested and you can get up to 7 years in prison and/or a fine. If you are caught giving it to friends or selling it then you get be sent to prison for up to 14 years.

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