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Other names: Booze, a litre, Bella, Bevvy

Alcohol is a downer (depressant) which slows down the way your body works e.g. slows your heart rate, your breathing and you can't react as quickly.

It can make your speech slurred and you can get dizzy. It's a mood enhancer, this means if you are happy it will make you happier and if you are sad it will make you sadder.

Alcohol can relax you and make you do things that you wouldn't normally do, some of which you may regret the next day. Make sure you stay with your friends, keep safe and look after each other.

Alcohol is strongly addictive.

Risks and Dangers
Drinking alcohol and getting drunk can be very dangerous. It can cause alcohol poisoning (which might mean you need to go to hospital to get your stomach pumped which is not a nice experience!!).

If people drink too much alcohol they could pass out and choke on their own vomit. If someone passes out make sure you roll them on to their side into the recovery position (see Emergency page), keep them safe and GET HELP QUICKLY!

Alcohol can make you over confident and very brave which may make you take more risks. One of these risks may include having unprotected sex.

Alcohol use is linked to a very large number of violent crimes, domestic violence and car related deaths (for example drink driving).

Long-term use can lead to liver damage, stomach cancer and heart disease.

The recommended safe level of alcohol is no more than 3-4 units (1 Unit= Half a Lager or a small glass of wine) for adult males per day and no more than 2-3 units for adult females per day. There are no safe limits for young people because your bodies are still growing and developing.

The Law
Under 18's are not allowed to buy alcohol from a licensed shop or bar area of a pub.

Adults are not allowed to buy alcohol for anyone under 18.

If you are caught drinking alcohol on the streets or in a public area the police and the street wardens have the power to confiscate the alcohol.

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